Client Testimonials


Lisa represented me with a PFA issue. I had a PFA against me and I was removed from my house and was not able to see my children. Lisa took the PFA to a hearing and I was able to go back home and see my children. I would highly recommend Lisa services.


Lisa is the best!

Lisa represented me on a custody case. Lisa was extremely prepared . She made sure that I was satisfied with the outcome. Lisa was a superstar from our first conversation through to the court date. Lisa was accessible and available when I needed her. She made me a priority.



***Your search is over for an Attorney who will fight for everything you want. When I set out on my search for an Attorney, I wanted someone who could understand my wants and needs. I read all of her reviews and they are ALL true.
My daughter has special need and her father was fighting me for Primary Physical custody. He had all of these accusations that were untrue. Lisa collected all of...


Tried and True

My husband attempted to obtain primary physical and shared legal custody of his son for six and a half years on his own, but to no avail. We asked around in search of the perfect lawyer. Ms. Harding came HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from someone I love and trust! From the very first time that we met Ms. Harding we knew that we were in good hands. Because this case had gone on for so many...


Excellent Service

Ms. Harding is extremely professional, competent and her work ethics exceeds all expectations. I really appreciate what she did for me in my custody case. I'd recommend her 100x over! Ms. Harding, I'm truly grateful and I wish you all the best, always!


Custody case for the WIN

Ms. Harding is not only thorough but she is very professional. She made me feel at ease and had my back every step of the way. She answered all of my questions and concerns in regards to the custody case. My child's father filed a case against me and I ended up winning the case. She is the best of the best and I would highly recommend.



I am profoundly honored to have had the opportunity to work with such a highly professional, well versed, articulate, experienced lawyer. I feel as if she was heaven sent. Lisa made the experience painless and carefree. She is exceptional and has a beautiful spirit and passion.


lisa Harding, great lawyer!!!

I wanted to write a good review for Lisa Harding. I was going through a tough time with my ex and her parent's about a year ago. caught by suprise I was being takin to court for full custody of my children. I immediately started contacting lawyers explaining my situation so on and so forth. wasn't hearing the confidence I needed. lisa Harding was recommended to me by another attorney who was...


custody case

First and foremost when I called ms.Harding office and spoke to her she listen to everything I had to say and she answered all of my questions and I felt a connection from the first conversation. She told me to think about it and call her back if I wanted to retain her. A few days later I called her back set up a date to meet. Ms.Harding gather all of my information and she did her homework. She...


Amazing Due Diligence.

We are a fairly large foster care agency in Philadelphia, in which issues around child welfare often arise as we work diligently in case management as well as for the safety, permanency and wellbeing of all that we serve. Often times there are issues with not just the child's wellbeing but working with the various entities that also serve and have vested interests in the child we serve as a subcontractor...